What We Do

For us your ideas, business ambitions etc. are never small nor silly. There is a merit in any idea or plan hence its existence.  However what you have in mind could be raw and need to be refined. Never feel shy to share them with us. We will challenge your ideas and help you have an objective view about them. Remember most business ideas, designs and start-ups fail because the owner falls in love with them and that makes them blind to their flaws. We would then talk to you about your competitors and help you do your own research.  This helps you visualize not only your challenges but also your competitors’ challenges. Why?  Because neither of us want to reinvent the wheel. 


We would then work on creating the idea on a piece of paper and then on the screen. We sit together and work to improve it step by step. Once the results meets your standards and of course ours, we can then test run the website that represents your idea or business. Final flaws are addressed and we would then enter the real challenge. The wild world of Internet where businesses and ideas are born and destroyed every single day. The survival skills in this world are two. Those already there, those to be created and customised. We will help you to develop your own skills alongside teaching you the basics of this work. This could be effective blogging or a smooth e-commerce strategy. bluelomond can be with you from your basic steps to your success.

Remember, that the future world is the online world. Giants of high street are moving towards bankruptcy because they were too late for this market and start-up companies move up this ladder because they understood this world. Be the best of both. We are happy to help. 

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